Easterson Returns to the Rhinos

Jun 2, 2020

Two year Rhino veteran Easton Easterson has re-signed for his third and final year with the Rhinos! Despite his season being cut short by an injury, Easterson managed 24 goals and 28 assists in only 38 games. Read more about his choice to continue playing in El Paso.


Why did you decide to re-sign with the Rhinos?

Returning to the Rhinos was the best choice for me because after spending two seasons in El Paso, I know the organization has every tool to make me a better hockey player.


What makes playing in El Paso so special?

Playing in El Paso is truly unique. It’s a border city and the pride everyone has is contagious. It’s really the only place I’ve ever played that I love the city just as much as the fans.


What is your favorite thing about playing for the Rhinos?

My favorite thing about playing for the Rhinos is the crowd’s energy. Every night, without fail, the dedication of the fans and their love for the Rhinos make it unlike anywhere else.


What are your goals as a hockey player?

My goals are to play hockey as long as I can. I hope to make it to a professional level, knowing my dedication was worth it.


What is the one game day ritual you need to do before each game?

Before every game, I must be early to the rink to make sure my equipment is game ready and organized in the locker room. Then, by myself, I’ll sit in the stands while listening to music and visualize the game and run through situations in my head until I’m confident.