Fontaine To Play for Rhinos in 20-21 Season

Jun 25, 2020

Why did you decide to re-sign with the Rhinos?

Being in El Paso has made me grow as a person and a player. It has been an amazing experience since the first day and that’s what helped me decide to come back.

What makes playing in El Paso so special?

We have a winning environment and our rink is literally a barn, so it gives it that extra authenticity.

What is your favorite thing about playing for the Rhinos?

Being able to be such a big role in the community and bring people together has got to be one of my favourite things. And the amount our team wins makes El Paso a great place to play too.

What are your goals as a hockey player?

My goal is definitely to make it as far as I possibly can. Hopefully I get to play some college hockey.

What is the one game day ritual you need to do before each game?

My game day ritual, that isn’t a hidden one, is definitely my dancing before warmups and games. I always have my music on, and I’ll be jumping and bouncing around. I like to try and keep things loose before games so I’m not stressed out and I’m ready to go.