Swedish Forward Johansson Re-Signs

Jul 27, 2020

Why did you decide to re-sign with the Rhinos?

I wanted to get more out of myself. I know I have more to give and last year, unfortunately, I got a concussion and was sick for a month in total, so I didn’t really get that perfect season that I’d hoped for. The main reason I decided to re-sign is because I have more to give and I want to develop my hockey game even more. Also, the fans and the atmosphere make me want to come back too!

What makes playing in El Paso so special?

What makes it so special is the fans, the atmosphere, the environment. You get so much support on the ice, it’s hard not to play your best. You don’t want to disappoint the fans, right?

What is your favorite thing about playing for the Rhinos?

My favorite thing about playing for the Rhinos is probably the attitude. The physical hockey and the “we don’t give up or stop” attitude. That’s why a smaller rink is pretty cool, in my opinion, because you can play that physical type hockey better.

What are your goals as a hockey player?

My goal is to go as far as possible. I want to be able to live on hockey, to pay my rent, wherever that may be in the world or whichever league. I also just want to develop as a player, score points, and maybe become a captain for a team I play for in the future. Another dream is to play in the NHL and win a Stanley Cup, or even play at home in Sweden in the SHL for my childhood favorite team, the Frölunda Indians.

What is the one game day ritual you need to do before each game?

I don’t really have anything too special. I like to just take a nap during the day to get new, fresh energy and be ready. Although sometimes I feel like listening to worship songs helps me focus and makes me calm before a game. But something I need to do—take a nap.