Rhinos dominate Jr. Stars 7-3 in Game 1

Nov 12, 2022

Friday: Mid Cities Jr. Stars 3 @ El Paso Rhinos 7 – Rhinos are in top form tonight in beautiful El Paso Texas where they host the Mid Cities Jr. Stars for the first game of a 3-game series. The Rhinos would draw first blood tonight with Zachary Ware taking credit with a second goal made by Payne Pent for an early lead. The Jr. Stars’ Michael Kennedy returns the favor with one goal before the period is out, putting the game at 2-1 at the end of the first period. Rhinos continue their mean streak with yet another goal by Pent just a minute into the second period. Marc LaFrance further increased the lead with a point just before the before Jr. Stars clap back as Ilnur Madiarov gets cuts the lead in half. Carson Doyle would wrap up the period with the Rhinos’ 5th goal of the night to end the period with a 5-2 Rhino Lead. After one final intermission the Rhinos would continue their aggression to score two more goals courtesy of Trey Erramouspe and Noah Easterson. The Jr. Stars would close out the game with a goal from Madiarov. With no more scoring, the Rhinos would take the victory 7-3

Saturday: Mid Cities Jr. Stars 4 @ El Paso Rhinos 10 – Back for the second game of the series the Rhinos & Jr. Stars battle it out once more on the ice. The initiative this game would be seized by Trey Erramouspe, putting the Rhinos on the board first. The Jr. Stars fired back taking one goal as Mitchell Blassingame temporarily tied the game before Marc LaFrance snatched the lead back. The Rhinos would head into the 2nd period with a 2-1 lead. The Rhinos would continue to hit the gas with a second goal by Marc Lafrance and a score from Mike Sobaski both in the opening minutes of the period. Tyler Dunkel takes yet another goal for the Rhinos before their streak is stopped by Dakota Brandom from the Stars. At 6 minutes the Rhinos’ lead has been increaed to 5-2, but the period was only barely heating up. Julian Cortez-Martinez quickly turned the puck around for score just before the Stars do the same with Timothy  Pickrell. This back-and-forth would see a lull in goals for the next few minutes until Zachary Ware further increased the lead, followed by Mike Sobaski and Carson Doyle for 3 more goals. Heading into the 3rd period the Rhinos lead 9-3. With one more period to go and the Jr. Stars at a defecit, Michael Kennedy would score the last goal of the night for his team at just 38 seconds into the period. Trey Erramouspe would go on to put the finishing touches on the game with one last puck in the net to end the


Sunday: Mid Cities Jr. Stars 2 @ El Paso Rhinos 10 – The Rhinos & Jr. Stars duke it out one final time tonight for the last game of the series. The Rhinos returned to the ice tonight with high energy ready to storm the Jr. Stars once more. The first period was all Rhinos seeing them take five goals throughout the period. Carson Doyle starts us off folloed by Marc LaFrance and Payne Pent. Tre Erramouspe takes another followed by Pent for his second goal of the night to end the early game at 5-0, Rhinos leading. After a short break the Rhinos continued their score streak with three more uncontested goals. Andrew Swartz, Tyler Dunkel, and Mike Sobaski scoring in that order. This period wouldn’t be all goals though as fighting, holding, and unsportsmanlike penalties being handed out throughout the duration as tensions  hit their max. Heading into the third period, the Jr. Stars finally break through Rhino defense as Ilnur Madiarov takes their first goal of the night. Marc LaFrance and Miles Berg butt in for the Rhinos though with two more goals before the Stars’ Dakota Brandom takes the final goal of the night. Rhinos would take the victory for a 10-2 sweep over the Jr. Stars.