Rhinos Down Drillers 6-1

Nov 12, 2021

Louisiana Drillers 1 @ El Paso Rhinos 6 – El Paso Rhinos took to the ice this weekend for their first game of the home series against the Louisiana Drillers, taking the victory 6-1.

Rhinos & Drillers face off again this week after their bouts last week in Lafayette, LA, where Rhinos came out ahead in wins 2-1.

Tonight’s game saw a fantastic early game performance as Rhinos dominated the first period, taking 3 goals for themselves. The period came to a close with the Drillers failing to put themselves on the board.

Second period brought with it the first goal for the Drillers answered not too far off by a goal from our very own Payne Pent, bringing the score in the second 4-1, Rhinos out in front.

The game closes out with two more goals courtesy of Matthew Gross. Rhinos end the first game of this series 6-1 over the Drillers.

Next Game: Saturday, November 13th @ 7:00 PM


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