Rhinos drop Ice Bats 4-1 in Game 1

Oct 22, 2022

Friday El Paso Rhinos 4 @ Austin Ice Bats 1 – The Austin Ice Bats hosted the El Paso Rhinos tonight for the first game of the series. Rhinos took the first goal of the night deep into the period as Tristen Elmhurst sinks a puck in the goal. This Rhino goal would be answered merely a minute later by Maddox Hoff of the Ice Bats to tie the game 1-1 at the end of the first period. The second period also saw sparce scoring until the end as Landon Albrecht & Kameron Smith scored 2 goals to increase the Rhinos’ lead to 3-1 at the end of the 2nd period. Payne Pent would put the final goal of the game on board at the 10:40 mark of the third period to end the game 4-1, Rhinos taking the victory.

Saturday: El Paso Rhinos 7 @ Austin Ice Bats 2 – 

Sunday: El Paso Rhinos 3 @ Austin Ice Bats 2 – Rhinos & Ice Bats once more battle it out tonight for the third game of the series. The early game was a game of tug of war with neither side gaining any real ground as we head into the second period scoreless. Ice Bats would take the initiative tonight as Ben Allen took the first goal of the night. Austin Alcala increased the Ice Bats’ lead temporarily to 2-0 over the Rhinos, but this was not to last as Payne Pent cut the lead in half to end the period at 2-1 with the Rhinos catching up. The Ice Bats put up a hard defense and it took until the 16 minute mark to finall break through as Liam Sbrocca and Trey Erramouspe score back-to-back goals to steal the lead. Rhinos would end the night at a 3-2 victory over the Ice Bats.