Rhinos and Brahmas Tied at 1 Game

Jan 14, 2023

Friday: Texas Brahmas 3 @ El Paso Rhinos 1 – Rhinos play host yet again this week as the Texas Brahmas take a visit to Rhino Country. Right out of the gate both teams put on phenomenal defenses which prevented any scoring in the first period. As we head into the second period the Rhinos press their opponents vying for any advantage. At the 14:13 mark following a few penalties, Emerson Molas takes the first goal of the night to put the Rhinos ahead 1-0. No more scoring in the second leads us to a third period where the Brahmas would attempt to make a comeback. Michael Imala would be the player to tie the game at 1-1 with a goal early in the period. This wouldn’t be the last as the Brahmas went on to score twice more. Wyatt Witham snagged two more goals for the Brahmas over the course of the period to put them ahead of the Rhinos 3-1 by the end of the game.


Saturday: TX Brahmas 1 @ El Paso 2: Patrick Boyle was dominant in net Saturday night, stopping all but one of 34 shots to propel the Rhinos past Texas 2-1. Wyatt Witham scored the first of the game and only Brahmas goal just 32 seconds into the game. Noah Easterson evened the scores before intermission, scoring on the powerplay with just 6 seconds remaining in the period. Payne Pent scored the remaining goal in the contest 55 seconds into the middle frame, his 2nd game winning goal of the season. Brendan Forden made 22 saves in Texas’ crease.

Sunday: Texas Brahmas 2 @ El Paso Rhinos 2 – Rhinos & Brahmas take to the ice one final time for this series as both teams attempt to take the series. The Brahmas caught the Rhinos off guard as the game started, stealing a goal at just 1:27 into the period, courtesy of Wyatt Witham. After this goal Rhino defense would keep the net under lockdown for the remainder of the period. Brahmas would head into the second period up 1-0 over the Rhinos. Benjamin Mondou brought with him a repeat of the first period, taking a goal for the Brahmas in just under a minute to put them ahead of the Rhinos 2-0. The Rhinos wouldn’t let this lead stand as Trey Erramouspe cuts the lead in half at the 9:15 mark to put the first goal up on the board. Tj Bayer would follow up just a few minutes later to tie the game at 2-2 to wrap up the second period. With the game and series on the line, both teams brought their A-Game to the third period as tensions ran high. After a few penalties it would b e Ryan Spreyne to tip the scales in the Brahmas’ favor to end the night at a 3-2 victory.