Rhinos fall to Ice Wolves 4-0 in Game 1

Nov 26, 2022

Friday: El Paso Rhinos 0 @ New Mexico Ice Wolves 4 – The Rhinos take to the road this week down to Albuquerque, New Mexico to face off against the New Mexico Ice Wolves. The Ice Wolves take the initiative this game with the first goal of the night scored by Liam Mooney. Ethan Secord would close out the period with one more goal in the closing minutes to put the Ice Wolves at a 2-0 lead going into the second period. Rhinos would continue to be outpaced by the Ice Wolves this period as Zak Wentworth increased the Ice Wolves’ lead to 3-0. With the Ice Wolves’ defense holding in the 2nd, we would head into the third period with the Rhinos still trailing behind. Evan Axell would round out the Ice Wolves’ score with one final goal to end the night at 4-0, taking the win.

Saturday: El Paso Rhinos 1 @ New Mexico Ice Wolves 7 – Ice Wolves & Rhinos return to the ice for the second and final game of this series. Ice Wolves came in the first period with aggression, taking two goals in the first ten minutes to take a 2-0 scored by Liam Mooney and Evan Axel. This aggression would continue into the second period as we see two more early goals by Evan Axel for his second, and Ethan Scord for a 4-0 lead over the Rhinos. Landon Cain finally puts the Rhinos on board with a goal 16 minutes into the period. Unfortunately for the Rhinos, this would be their last goal of the night. Headed into the third period the Ice Wolves lead 4-1. Andrew Browe would score early in the period, followed by Evan Axel for a Hattrick, and Max Chagovets to end the game with a 7-1 Ice Wolves victory.