Rhinos swept by RoadRunners 8-2 in Game 3

Mar 4, 2023

Friday, El Paso Rhinos 0 @ Texas RoadRunners 2 – Rhinos are on the road for one last series against the Texas RoadRunners as the puck drops at the Spirit Ice Arena! Both teams took to the ice tonight with fierce competition in mind, each keeping the other off the board for the majority of the first period. It wouldn’t be until the 18:38 mark until we’d see our first goal, and from a familiar face no less. Noah Easterson, now playing for the RoadRunners, takes the first goal of the night to set the score at 1-0. Aside from a few penalties dished out the second period was all but quiet, seeing neither team score. As we return to the ice for the third period, the RoadRunners live up to their name and score a goal at lightning speeds, increasing their lead to 2-0 in just 20 seconds. This early period goal would be the last goal of the night and the game would end with the Rhinos falling to the RoadRunners 2-0.

Saturday, El Paso Rhinos 1 @ Texas RoadRunners 8 – Returning off last night’s RoadRunner victory both teams return to the ice for Game #2. We start off the night early in the first with a goal from the RoadRunners’ Adrian Sanchez. This would be followed up by Byran Wood ties up the game scoring the Rhinos’ only goal of the night. Following this goal the RoadRunners would go on to score three more goals this period: Two by Eitan Geralnik and one more by Sanchez. The second period would only see a single point scored by the RoadRunners’ Geralnik, earning himself a hatrick and increasing the lead to 5-1 over the Rhinos at the end of the second period. Rounding out the third period we back-to-back goals by the RoadRunners’ Matvey Ivanov and Adrian Sanchez also snags himself a hatrick. With one last goal from Ivanov the RoadRunners take the victory with an 8-1 lead.

Sunday, El Paso Rhinos 2 @ Texas RoadRunners 8 – For the final game of the regular season your El Paso Rhinos face off one last time against the Texas RoadRunners in this 3-game series. RoadRunners take the initiative tonight as we saw two goals scored by Kyule Portlock & Eitan Geralnik for a 2-0 lead at the end of the first. Moving on to the second period the RoadRunners keep up the momentum as TJ Lipsky widens the score gap with the 3rd goal of the night. Zachary Ware responds to this by putting the Rhinos on the board at 2:41 into the second to temporarily cut the RoadRunners’ lead in half. Geralnik reclaims the RoadRunners’ 3 point lead with a goal at just under 15 minutes just before Zachary Ware once more scores for the Rhinos. Unfortunately for the Rhinos, Ware’s goal would be the last they would see for the night as not even two minutes later the RoadRunners’ onslaught began as Matvey Ivanov scores, followed by Geralnik earning a hatrick before the period is out. The last leg of the match only contained two more goals by RoadRunners’ players Geralnik for his fourth goal of the night and Adrian Sanchez to round out the night at an 8-2 win for the RoadRunners