Rhinos Sweep Capitals

Jan 31, 2022

Friday: Capitals 1 @  Rhinos 6 – After a hard fought first period with the Capitals’ Nick Mumford taking the first point, the Rhinos come in the closing minutes to take their first point courtesy of Matthew Gross. The second period saw the majority of the game score as the Rhinos break away with their lead. Jaxon Penner brings us the first goal early in the second, followed by Riley Hunt-Bahn & Matthew Gross with his second goal of the night. Tristen Elmhurst brings us one more goal before Colin Clough closes out the game with the final score of the night. The final period of the game was anything but uneventful as several fighting penalties were dished out as the tension boiled over with less than two minutes on the clock. The Rhinos end the game leading 6-1

Saturday: Capitals 3 @ Rhinos 7 – Coming into game 2 after last night’s victory Connor Thompson & Payne Pent give the Rhinos their first two goals of the game seven minutes into the first period. The Capitals’ Landon Welch scoring to put them on the board. Caden Butler and Connor Thompson score the only two goals of the second period, increasing the Rhinos’ lead going into the third. Payne Pent turns on the turbo this period to score a goal in just 36 seconds. Capitals’ Miller & Huska both score twice more for their team with the Rhinos’ Matthew Gross sneaking in a goal between the two. Riley Hunt-Bahn closes out the game with one final goal, solidifying the game at Rhinos 7, Capitals 3.

Saturday: Capitals 0 @ Rhinos 10 – The curtain rose on the final game of the series in a complete sweeping victory by your El Paso Rhinos. Goals in the first were scored by Riley Hunt-Bahn, Kaden Hafele, Dani Ceullar, and Colin Clough spaced out evenly throughout the period. The second period saw four more goals from the Rhinos with Jaxon Penner starting us off. Payne Pent takes two goals for himself followed by Tristen Elmhurst to wrap up the second. Dylan Thompson and Cole Ingram score the final two games of the night early in the third. The Capitals’ scoreless game is given to us by none other than Peyton Brendel with 27 saves – A complete shutout.