Rhinos Sweep Ice Bats With 8-2 Win

Dec 18, 2021

Austin Ice Bats 2 @ El Paso Rhinos 8 – Rhinos take a second win over the Austin Ice Bats 8-2

The El Paso Rhinos emerged victorious in their second game of the series over the Austin Ice Bats tonight in a spectacular game.

Payne Pent opens up with a goal halfway into the first period, followed by Matthew Barnes sinking one as well. The first period came to a close with the Rhinos leading 3-1.

Pent once again took control of the period taking the first goal of the 2nd in just three minutes. Reno Parker gives the Rhinos one more goal not too long after. Ice Bats score once more, but the Rhinos still lead the second period with a lead of 4-2.

The final period of the game was all Rhinos with four collective goals from our boys. Caden Butler, Kaiden Hafele, Connor Thompson, and yet again, Payne Pent taking his third goal of the night.

Next Game: Monday, Dec 20th @ WAU


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