Rhinos Swept by Brahmas

Friday: El Paso 3 @ TX Brahmas 4 – Rhinos’ Dylan Thompson takes the first goal of the night but the period was firmly in the hands of the Brahmas. Matej Palfy, Blake Rothstein, and Michael Imala all score goals for the Brahmas throughout the period. The Brahmas’ very own Blake Rothstein scores his second goal of the night early in the second period, giving them their last goal of the night. Matthew Gross & Blake Polifka of the Rhinos score twice more for the Rhinos, ending the game at a 4-3 victory for the Brahmas.

Saturday: El Paso 3 @ TX Brahmas 5 – The second game of the series sees Rhinos taking first point with Caden Butler scoring six minutes into the first period. With roughly two minutes left on the clock in the first period Keegan McArthur puts the Brahmas on the board with one goal which is quickly answered by Riley Hunt-Bahn of the Rhinos. Brahmas score twice more in the second with goals from Andrew Kungle and Michael Imala. Connor Thompson brings the game to a 3-3 tie at the end of the second period with one more goal for the Rhinos. This stalemate is broken in the third period as the Brahmas’ Michael Imala scores his second goal of the night followed by Blake Rothstein late in the period. The game ends with Brahmas coming out on top 5-3.

Sunday: El Paso 7 @ TX Brahmas 9 – The final game of the series saw some of the fiercest competition yet with the Rhinos taking two goals in the early stages of the game. Blake Polifka and Caden Butler both score in the first period while the Brahmas can only manage a single goal, courtesy of Michael Imala. Riley Hunt-Bahn takes a goal for the Rhinos and is answered in kind by MIchael Imala who tallies his second goal of the game. Blake Polifka doesn’t take it sitting down and hits right back with yet another goal for the Rhinos. With tensions rising Andrew Kungle and Keegan McArthur of the Brahmas sink two more goals through Rhino defense, The temporary tie is broken as Johnathan Gunn and Connor Thompson manage to regain the lead for the Rhinos with an additional two goals. The third period begins with the Rhinos leading 6-4 over the Brahmas. Matej Palfy brings the game back to a one-point deficit for the Brahmas take a goal at the two-minute mark. With the game reaching it’s height Riley Hunt-Bahn scores what would be the final goal for the Rhinos. Aleksandr Gamzator, McArthur, Palfy, and Gion Coray went on to score four more goals for the Brahmas in the latter half of the period, ending the series with