Drillers Sweep Rhinos

Oct 29, 2022

Friday: El Paso Rhinos 2 @ Louisiana Drillers 5 – The Louisiana Drillers host the El Paso Rhinos tonight for the first game of a 3-game series. Drillers take the initiative in the first period with two goals courtesy of Daniel Crutcher and Lukas Dany. With no score from the Rhinos this period, the Drillers would lead 2-0 at the end of the first period. The El Paso Rhinos came back in the 2nd period hoping to cut their lead when Trey Erramouspe did just that. Erramouspe would go on two score two goals in the next few minutes to tie the game but Frank Steinway would put the Drillers back in the lead in the closing minutes of the period. The Drillers would go on to score twice more before the game was out as Daniel Crutcher takes his second goal of the night followed by Micha Maldonado to end the game with a 5-2 Drillers Victory.

Saturday: El Paso Rhinos 1 @ Louisiana Drillers 2 – Hot off the hells of last night’s game the Rhinos & Drillers came back to the ice with fierce competition. The first goal of the game wouldn’t be seen until deep into the first period where the Louisiana Drillers’ Micah Maldonado sunk the puck in the net. The Rhinos would answer this goal in a little under five minutes into the 2nd period as Mike Sobaski tied the game at 1-1. Neither team would give the other any more leeway pushing the game into overtime. Even with the extra time neither team was able to score, putting us into shootouts where the Drillers took the game on their fourth shot to end the night at a 2-1

Sunday: El Paso Rhinos 2 @ Louisiana Drillers 3-  The final game of the series was anything but boring with action all around. The Drillers would take the early game lead as Austin Manns takes the first goal of the night followed by Rory Neish with another to close out the period. Noah Easterson clapped back for the Rhinos scoring at just three minutes into the period. Frank Steinway of the Drillers came back to take back the 2 goal lead. This lead was not to last though as Noah Easterson takes his second goal of the night to end the period with the Rhinos catching up to the Drillers’ 3-2 lead.  WIth no team scoring in the 3rd period the game ends with a sweep from the Drillers.