Rhinos downed by Jr. Stars 5-4 in Game 3 SO

Feb 25, 2023

Friday, El Paso Rhinos 5 @ Mid Cities Jr. Stars 4 – Rhinos are on the road this week to take on the Mid Cities Jr. Stars on their own turf. We’ll take to the ice tonight with Rhinos taking the first goal at 8:33 in the first period. Rhinos held this 1-0 lead throughout the entire first period without letting up a single goal to the stars. Headed into the second period Maxwell Barrington give us a goal right out of the gate for a 2-0 lead over the Stars. Barrington went on to score a second goal at the halfway mark in the period followed right behind for a back-to-back goal from James Mallette. After allowing 3 goals this period the Stars would finally put themselves on the board as Britton Oldham scores. In the last few minutes of the game the Stars would cut the lead even further as Andrew Kolka and Brody Dejong give us the second back-to-back goals of the night. The period would end at a 4-3 lead for the Rhinos. After one more intermission, the Rhinos & Jr. Stars return to the ice for the third period. The Stars’ Michael Kennedy tied up the game at 4-4 just four minutes into the third period and with no further scoring the game would be sent into overtime. With the puck hitting the ice on the third period it would seem that the Jr. Stars would be making a comeback by taking possession first, but try as they may they could not break through Rhino defense. Ultimately it would be Landon Cain to score the game winning goal at 3:37 into extra time. Rhinos takes a game 1 victory over the Jr. Stars 5-4.

Saturday, El Paso Rhinos 4 @ Mid Cities Jr. Stars 0 – Game 2 is underway tonight as Rhinos try and get a win streak going. Jr. Stars return to the ice today with a newfound confidence for defense, shutting the Rhinos out of the first period entirely, leading us into the second period at 0-0. As we move into the second period Liam Sbrocca starts us off tonight with the Rhinos’ first goal at 6:40, followed a few minutes later by Maxwell Barrington to give the Rhinos a 2-0 lead in the mid game. Rhino defense still holds form this period and we head into the third period with the Jr. Stars trailing behind. The Jr. Stars put all their effort into this period taking shot after shot on goal, but goaltender Matthew Loney held the line. In the last few minutes of the game the Rhinos would see two back-to-back goals from Andrew Swartz and Dustin Hultberg to double their lead. Rhinos walk away from this game with a 4-0 victory.

Sunday, El Paso Rhinos @ Mid Cities Jr. Stars – For the third and final time this weekend the El Paso Rhinos and Jr. Stars take to the ice again to wrap up the series. Rhinos are first on the board tonight as Trey Erramouspe gives us the early game lead. The Jr. Stars tie the game before the period is out as we head into the second. Payne Pent gives the Rhinos two goals this period split only by the Jr. Stars sneaking a goal in between goals to set the score at 3-2 at the end of the second period. Rhino defense desperately tried to hold the line against the Jr. Stars, and just when it seemed that it would hold the Jr. Stars get a puck past Burns to tie the game at 3-3 with just over eight minutes left in the period. Landon Cain broke this tie and Rhinos temporarily took the lead with the score sitting at 4-3, but just as quickly as they gained it the Jr. Stars turn around to tie it once more at 4-4 and head into overtime and ultimately a shootout. Jr. Stars would go on to take the game in the shootout with one successful goal to end the night at 5-4.