Wolves Den

Wolves Den Gym is the official training facility of the Rhinos! It is an exclusive, centrally located, state of the art gym designed for professionals who are serious about the quality of the environment they improve their fitness. This gym features brand new life fitness, hammer strength, and title boxing equipment. it also utilizes a carefully controlled membership process designed to optimize gym usage while maintaining the desired exclusivity for our members and reduces total workout time. Regardless of whether your goals are to obtain or maintain a desired level of fitness, weight loss, weight management, nutritional or supplemental guidance, cardio classes, body building or boxing training, Wolves Den is the gym for you.

Wolves Den Gym also offers:

Bodybuilding / Muscular Development – Individual physique assessment, guidance and coaching in training programs, both off season and pre-contest prep for professional and amateur bodybuilding/fitness competitors.

Boxing / Amateur & Professional – Development and improvement of the competitive Boxing skills in professional fighters and uncovering the potential of amateur fighters.

High and Low Cardio Classes – Cardiovascular classes that are a mixture of both boxing skills and fitness based, that is a fun way to get back into shape/get fit for beginners and advanced athletes.

Fitness Health / Weight Loss & Management – Individual assessment and personalized weight loss/ weight management programs that teach and promote better eating habits, weight management/loss, improved health and longevity.

Nutritional and Supplemental Guidance – Custom Nutritional Programs and supplements personalized to fit each individual’s body and fitness level, for those people that are just looking to lose weight, maintain or get fit.

Body Fat /BMI Testing – Evaluating/ calculating the body fat percentage and over health assessment.


Visit the Wolves Den Gym website and watch the video below!